Rubik’s Spark by Rubik’s Cube set to be a great gift for Christmas

If you are looking for a new toy this Christmas that is going to keep everyone in the family entertained, look no further than the new Rubik’s Spark by Rubik’s Cube.

The new electronic addition to the Rubik’s family shares the traditional Rubik’s Cube design with a modern twist. The Cube uses lights, sounds and sensor technology and is controlled by tilting, turning and quick movements. The modern Rubik’s Spark follows the trend in the latest technology to make it appealing to all ages.

For the past 40 years, Rubik’s Cube is world-renowned for its complexity, creating frustration for the players. Following the iconic 80’s game, Rubik’s Spark allows the player to think three-dimensionally to challenge them with its intelligent design.

There are six different gaming modes with five of them having 26 levels of difficulty to challenge the gamer. This means that everyone can enjoy playing the Rubik’s Spark whether you are beginner just starting out or an experienced gamer who enjoys a tougher challenge.


The new Rubik's Spark


Rubik’s Spark has the ability to be used as a multiplayer game as well as a single player which allows users you to challenge their friends and family.

Another fun function introduced by Rubik’s Spark is the ability for players to create their own music using ‘Rubik’s DJ’ party game. The new game is certain to liven up one’s Christmas.

Chrisi Trussell of Rubik’s Brand Ltd explains ‘The Rubik’s Spark is the perfect Christmas gift which has a modern and fun feel that appeals to the kid in everyone.’

Since its invention in 1974 by Ern? Rubik, the classic Cube has undergone many changes. This modern addition to Rubik’s Brand Ltd is a great gift at Christmas for both adults and children to enjoy.

The Rubik’s Spark can be found at toy and games stores or direct from

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