Classic Toys Making Comeback For a Nostalgic Christmas

Nostalgia rules this Christmas

2015 sees a host of old franchises revamping and looking to return to your home come Christmas Day.

Christmas may be still be two months away, but all around the country children are getting their wish lists together, with more than a few renewed classics being in high demand. Monopoly, Meccano and Thunderbirds merchandise will be in almost every home come Christmas Day, and the release of the newest Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, is sure to create a last minute buying frenzy this holiday season.

Parents may remember it wasn’t too long ago that they were receiving very similar gifts themselves. Some toys have received great modern upgrades to be better than ever whereas others seem to have remained firm favourites or even made an unexpected comeback.

The Entertainer, the UK’s largest independent toy retailer, took a look at what are set to become this year’s most popular toys to see how nostalgic your homes will be getting come Christmas Day:

Monopoly Here & Now – £16.50




The classic board game is expected to be a firm favourite this year, with the new Here & Now World Edition taking the property-lending and money-wheeling game onto a global scale for its 80th anniversary. Monopoly has been a popular game since its initial release in the 1930s and has produced many collectable versions before this Here & Now World edition, which also has players collecting passport stamps alongside properties.

Pie Face! Game – £20.00




The game that took the internet by storm is sure to come near the top of children’s lists, with the prospect of getting mum and dad’s face covered in cream just too much to resist. The game was actually first released by Hasbro back in the 1960’s meaning this game is set for a 50 year comeback.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon – £119.99


star wars


Kenner Toys originally brought Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon to the homes of children all over the world for Christmas in 1979, as Star Wars quickly became a pop culture phenomenon. 46 years later, the release of The Force Awakens means a new crew for the updated ship, now able to fire foam darts as well as carry all of your kids’ favourite Star Wars figures.

Real FX Slotless Racing Set – £79.99


real fx


Scalextric made it possible for children to race around their own courses from the late 1950s, with parents everywhere running coins through metal slot tracks and fiddling with wires to keep things working. Now, out of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Real FX integrated AI into their cars meaning no slots are required, and virtual hazards can be added to the course to ramp up the difficulty.

Thunderbirds Are Go Tracy Island – £71.99




Thanks to Thunderbirds re-runs on BBC2 at the time, Matchbox’s Tracy Island playsets became the must-have gift of 1992, resulting in stock shortages nationwide. Blue Peter even famously tried to rectify the problem by showing how to craft a homemade version. With Thunderbirds Are Go hitting our screen earlier this year, Tracy Island is back now with smart technology to launch the Thunderbirds automatically from their individual launch pads.

Meccano Meccanoid G15 KS Robot – £349.99




Meccano has been teaching the UK the principals of engineering since the turn of the 20th century. More than 100 years of metal plates, girders and wheels have delivered more than its fair share of must-haves, and this year Meccano released its most advanced set yet. To join the motorbikes and aeroplanes now is the Meccano Maccanoid, with Bluetooth enable ability and up to 1000 pre-programmed phrases.


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