Build Ur Bricks gift card a perfect Christmas gift for Lego lovers

Kids are set to smile brighter than ever this Christmas thanks to an innovative gift card solution from British based Lego rental services group, Build Ur Bricks . Using the transformative service, Lego lovers can loan multiple sets of the wildly popular toy, as opposed to settling for a single product. For parents wanting to give their children an ongoing gift of creativity this Christmas, a Build Ur Bricks gift card is a fantastic solution.

With over 150 sets to choose from, Build Ur Bricks is a treasure trove of the latest and greatest Lego designs. Builders can browse a range of contemporary categories, including City, Star Wars and Jurassic World. This means kids can enjoy a dynamic inventory of Lego sets, no matter how fast they build.




Ash Jey from Build Ur Bricks said, “This Christmas we want to revolutionise the way parents spend money on their kids. Rather than support a play and abandon mentality, we’ve encouraging parents to give their little ones a gift of play that maintains its novelty for months to come.

“While the initial set-up process requires creativity and concentration, a second attempt becomes significantly less constructive. Rather than monotonously assemble the same set over and over again, Build Ur Bricks facilitates ongoing innovation.”




Taking advantage of the Build Ur Bricks service is easy, with the rental system designed to get customers building as fast as possible. Simply sign up and start creating custom build lists from the inventory. Build Ur Bricks will then ship sets direct to the customer’s door, leaving them free to assemble their new toy at their leisure. With free delivery in both directions, builders will never have to pay a penny to enjoy the Build Ur Bricks service. All sets are cleaned and sanitised before being shipped, giving builders the total peace of mind that their new temporary toy is 100% clean.

Of course, it’s not just youngsters that are fascinated with the concept of Lego. Adult fans of Lego (dubbed AFOLs) are also a weight presence in the brick building world. Over the past few years Lego has experienced a massive resurge in popularity, with UK based community Brickish Association reporting a surge in membership. For the Lego loving adult that just seems to have everything, a Build Ur Bricks gift card is guaranteed to delight.




To celebrate Christmas Build Ur Bricks is currently offering discounted subscriptions to suit all budgets. Whether gift givers want to wrap up a three month starter card for £28.49, six month starter plus card for £113.90 or 12 month pro gift card for £275.99, Build Ur Bricks has it covered.

To find out more about Build Ur Bricks and join the temporary toy revolution, go to:

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